Frequently Asked Questions

Q.      What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup otherwise knows as semipermanent makeup, micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing is a form of tattooing that involves inserting pigment into dermal layer of skin with needles and is usually perfomed with a machine.

Q.      What is microblading?

Microblading is also a form of skin tattooing that involves inserting pigmetns into dermal layer of skin with a manual tool known as microblade.

Q.      What is a difference between permanent makeup and microblading?

The main difference between the two is in the end result. Microblading produces more crisp natural looking strokes but is not ideal for oily skin. Permanent makeup produces slightly bolder look when it comes to hairstroke eyebrow procedures. Stronger powder or ombre brows can also be easily achieved with the machine. Eyeliners and lip procedures are also usually perfomed with the permanent makeup machine.

Q.      Is permanent makeup for everyone?

Most of the people are suitable candidates for permanent makeup or microblading procedures providing they are in good health and their skin is in good condition and heals as normal. Those that suffer from medical conditons or take medications could also undergo permanent makeup procedure providing they get medical consent form signed by their doctor.

Since the procedures are a form of tattoing legally every person undergoing the treatment has to be al least 18 years old.

Q.      What procedures can I get?

You can get eyebrow treatments, eyeliners or lip procedures.


Q.      What does the procedure involve?

We start with a thorough consulation during which a client completes forms and answers questions related to their general health, medical history, medications, allergies, skin sensitivities. Patch test to check there is no reaction to pigments to be used is also performed. We proceed only if there are no contraindications to the treatment.

During the appointment the shape is drawn following client's indiviual facial morphology and pigments most suitable for each client are selected. Then the pigments are implanted into the skin which is being numbed during the treatment to reduce discomfort.

After healing is complete client returns for retouch procedure which is usually performed between 4-6 weeks and up to 12 weeks after the initial treatment.

Please note that for some clients, particularlty those with oily skin, second retouch might be necessary. 

Q.      Does it hurt?

Any form of tattooing involves compromising the skin with needles. Therefore there is always some degree of pain or discomfort involved. How painful a person finds the procedure is very individual and depends on age, indiviual pain threshold, anexity. Many ladies say they find brow tweezing more painful.

Generally eyebrow procedures are considered least painful followed by eyeliners and lips.

Q.      What will I look like immediately post procedure?

Immediately after the procedure the area treated is likely to be tender,  slightly inflamed, reddish and swollen.

Brows and eyeliners are up to two shades darker and slighly thicker. Eyes look as if immediately after crying. Lips are usually darker and swollen.

The changes are most noticable on lighter and more senstitive skin types.  These changes are usually the most noticable and dramatic to the client and subsite after 5-7 days when natural skin shedding commences.

Q.      What's the aftercare?

The area treated has to be kept very clean and dry. Recommended aftercare product has to be applied 4 times a day gently being patted onto the area. Rubbing is to be avoided.

For microbladed brows, the area has to be washed gently half an hour post procedure and about every hour thereafter to ensure that no lymph or blood seeping from the microblading site is allowed to dry as this would form scabbing. Formation of scabbing is to be avoided as more scabbing will result in more pigment loss and worse retention.

Makeup, exposure to excessive heat or cold and moisture is to be avoided for two weeks following the treatment. This can include direct sun, tanning beds, jacuzzis, saunas, salt water, chlorinated pools, direct shower spray, hot water, skin creams and ointments other than what has been recommended.

Q.      When will I see the end result?

Eyebrows and eyeliners heal approximetely 28-35 days. With lip procedures the final outcome will be visible after 45 days.

During healing process the area that underwent the treatment will go through different stages of healing.

Approximately after 4-7 days the area will start flaking off. It is crucial that the peeling/flaking progresses naturally and client doesn't pick on scabs. Itching is normal and scratching is to be avoided. 

Around 2-3 weeks post procedure the result of the procedure might appear to have vanished. This is temporary. As skin continues its reconstruction process, new skin cells appear on top of pigment. This creates a veiling effect. As the skin cells settle in their right position the pigment will start reappearing. It might not come back in some places. This is why once the skin healing cycle is complete client returns for a retouch to reinforce weaker areas and ensure the final outcome is of the highest quality.

Q.      Why is retouch needed?

Permanent makeup is always a two step process. First procedure is a type of draft. The artist has a chance to get to know the client's skin and observe how the procedure heals on client.

As skin healing cycle is complete readjustments might have to be made on area that underwent the treatment. The client might have lost too much pigment in places or they might want to slightly readjust the shape and colour (and usually go thicker and darker). Retouch is there so the necessary readjustments are made. 

Q.      How long will the result of the procedure last?

Permanent makeup pigments differ from traditional tattoo inks in that they are meant to gradually fade. While in reality some elements of pigments stay in the skin indefinitely the visible results are meant to stay up to five years. They will be fading gradually and how quickly this fading occurs depends on the number of factors including client's lymphatic system, their skin type,  sun exposure, use of tanning salons, cosmetic products and cosmetic procedures used, medications, and illnesses.

In order for the procedure to stay in top condition looking its best annual colour boosts are recommended. Application of sun protection of SPF30 or above to prolong the results of the treatment is also highly recommended.

Q.      Can I have an allergic reaction?

 Allergic reacions to pigments, needles, numbing creams are extremely rare but possible. That's why consultation is always conducted to check if the client is aware of any allergies they might have. Patch test is always recommended to ensure products to be used during the procedure cause no reaction.

Q.      Is there a risk of an infection?

Only single use disposable products are used and come in direct contact with the skin. Pigments are decanted into small single use cups. Strict adherence to highest Health and Safety standards and regulations ensures that the client as well as the artist are absolutely safe during the procedure.

However the aftercare is the client's responsibility and since the area treated is an open wound post procedure it might be prone to an infection if not cared for properly.

If the client follows proper aftercare the risk is absolutely minimal as with any area were skin is compromised.

Q.      What pigments will be used?

Only highest grade, non-toxic pigments that have been tested and adhere to EU Health & Safety Regulations are used.



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